Upholding Biblical Principles, "for righteousness exalteth a nation".
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Facing America’s No. 1 drug problem in 1873, Bible believing, praying American women marched against alcohol. They saw saloons close and drinkers accept Jesus Christ as Savior. In 1874, women formally organized the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union to promote abstinence from alcohol and a happy home. In their efforts to change the alcohol culture they impacted the family on every front.Today SDWCTU continues to work for an alcohol free lifestyle for "life at its best."

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Bradley hits the teen years
Alcohol has made him what he is, a failure. He can't be trusted to carry through on a project. He's not putting two and two together. He does whatever comes to mind or what someone suggests without connecting actions with consequences. The strange part is, Bradley doesn't drink... But his mother did. 
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