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The Bible says, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

Pray for wisdom to see the immensity of the alcohol drug problem.

Pray for understanding to see what the Lord says about alcohol in the Bible.

Pray for WCTU projects, finances and for open doors and to know what the Lord would have you do.


Know what the Bible says about alcohol

Alcohol in the Bible is a study course with a questions and answers format available to anyone who wants a solid basis of biblical understanding on the Bible/Alcohol issue. The printed 25 lesson course in 3 volumes, covers every verse in the Bible that mentions wine, plus important words that refer to drinking. The Hebrew and Greek words are examined in context. You may read the text without study questions, quizzes and final tests on this website.

Did ancient people have to drink alcoholic wine because they couldn’t preserve fresh juice?

When does Old Testament Hebrew yayin mean alcoholic drink and when does it mean grape juice?

Did Jesus make alcoholic wine at the wedding feast? Did Timothy drink moderately?

The SDWCTU Journal, a 12 page (81/2 by 11) quarterly newsletter, helps counter Alcohol Industry propaganda. The WCTU Journal brings the Christian view to current issues about alcohol. It includes news items related to tobacco, illegal drugs, gambling, and pornography.

Speak out!

Help your family and friends say No to Alcohol .

SDWCTU prints informational leaflets that answer questions people ask us at the WCTU Fair booth about alcohol, smoking, spit-tobacco, methamphetamine, and marijuana.

Comments we hear: “New recipes have alcohol in them. I thought cooking burned off alcohol . . .”

“Wow! One can of snuff—equal to 60 cigarettes!”

“I thought alcohol helped the heart . . .”

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WCTU projects depend on volunteers.

SDWCTU sponsors a very popular Fair and Farm Show booth with demonstrations, hands-on activities, and information.

SDWCTU sponsors local and state coloring, poster and essay contests every year. Winners go to a national contest. Homeschool, private school and public school students are encouraged to send entries.Several 2006 entries are pictured here.



SDWCTU joins organizations around the world in promoting International Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Day, the 9 th day of the 9 th month—Sept. 9 of every year. Alcohol is a teratogen; it is the leading cause of mental retardation in western civilization today. FAS Day reminds the world of the desperate plight of innocent victims damaged by alcohol before they were born. WCTU prints and widely distributes church bulletin inserts for the Sunday before FAS day.


The FAS Face

The face comes when mothers drink between the 19 th and 21 st days of pregnancy.

For every child born with the face, another 2 or 3 are born with normal looks but the same brain damage.

SDWCTU and the Rosebud Sioux Christian Center

Starting in 1996, SDWCTU and IAWCTU began an ongoing building project that established the Rosebud Christian Center on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation. Many volunteers gave countless hours of free labor as builders, plumbers, electricians and painters to first refurbish a small house moved on to the property and later to build the Center building itself. IAWCTU added (late 2005) another building to serve as a used clothing outlet. SDWCTU and Darlene Red Elk Myers, Director of the Rosebud Christian Center, produced weekly Radio broadcasts that reached several reservations in SD and others in IA and NE, as well as the surrounding communities for almost ten years.

WCTU welcomes volunteers, men and women, young people and children who want to promote freedom from alcohol.


WCTU membership has two requirements: Signing the pledge and paying the dues.

The 1874 Pledge:

"I hereby solemnly promise, God helping me, to abstain from all distilled, fermented, and malt liquors, including beer, wine, and hard cider, and to employ all proper means to discourage the use of and traffic in the same."

The dues in SD are $15 per year per adult. Youth are $5, children are free. Membership includes a subscription to the Journal and an invitation to local, state and national meetings. Men are Honorary members. They serve in many capacities, but the officers of the WCTU are women. All state members are automatically a national and a world member.

Contact WCTU

For more information on how to get involved with SD WCTU

Contact SDWCTU at P O Box 292, Canistota, SD 57012

Contact National WCTU at 1730 Chicago Ave., Evanston, Il 60201



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