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Alcohol in the Bible -

a 3 book course explaining the Bible's view of alcohol and it's use.

Alcohol in the Bible - An Introduction, Study Book Series
Book 1 - Table of Contents,
Book 1, Lesson 1, Alcohol in the U.S. Today
Book 1, Lesson 2, The Search for Truth
Book 1, Lesson 3, Wine in the Ancient World
Book 1, Lesson 4, Fermentation
Book 1, Lesson 5, Preserving Fresh Fruit Juice
Book 1, Lesson 6, Preserving Grape Juice
Book 2 - Introduction,
Book 2 - Table of Contents,
Book 2, Lesson 1, Old Testament Hebrew Yayin
Book 2, Lesson 2, Nonalcoholic Hebrew Yayin
Book 2, Lesson 3, Grape Juice Yayin in Daily Life
Book 2, Lesson 4, Yayin, Intoxicating or Sweet?
Book 2, Lesson 5, Less Used Hebrew Words for Wine
Book 2, Lesson 6, Old Testament Hebrew Tirosh
Book 2, Lesson 7, Part One: Hebrew Shakar
Book 2, Lesson 8, The Hebrew Drink Shekar
Book 2, Lesson 9, Part One: Hebrew Shemarim
Book 3 - Table of Contents, Alcohol in the Bible Book 3
Book 3, Lesson 1, New Testament Greek Oinos: Matthew
Book 3, Lesson 2, The Lord's Supper
Book 3, Lesson 3, Wine in Mark and Luke
Book 3, Lesson 4, Oinos in John; The Wedding Wine
Book 3, Lesson 5, Part I: Gleukos in Acts
Book 3, Lesson 6, Abstain: Acts, Romans and I Corinthians
Book 3, Lesson 7, Drinking in I Corinthians, Galatians
Book 3, Lesson 8, More About Alcohol in Paul's Letters
Book 3, Lesson 9, The Use of Wine by Elders and Deacons
Book 3,, Lesson 10, Wine in Titus, Peter, Revelation

Valuable information about the effects of alcohol, tobacco and other vices.
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